12.25.10 Tetuzoh Okadaya Gift + News

Today, we are proud to announce Tetuzoh Okadaya’s self-published DJ title “GO-GO Boy” that will be available for purchase in raw jp format in print on or around Jan. 4th 2011. We encourage you to buy it, as we will be releasing a 13-page teaser in English with translation and editing content provided by Nakama Manga that same day. We are pushing the purchase of the raw dj as the complete English version will only be available via Digital Download purchase and will not be available in a print version because as its her own project, its a tad risky.

As for the x-mas gift itself, it comes straight from Okadaya herself. We are re-releasing the oneshot version of Man of Tango with exclusive and more than eager permission by her.

Unfortunately, we cannot release the series version as it’s not copyrighted by her but the jpubs who still have a stranglehold on the license of this tanko for another 2 years - which sucks!

With that said, she does have full rights to this oneshot that was first introduced in Mellow Mellow Special Issue Volume 1 2007 and re-introduced in English by Nakama Manga in July of 2009 but was pulled due to the publishers insistence.

Thankfully, Okadaya still has some hold over her own work and so, along with this oneshot, we are including a 3-page extra and some color illustrations. In addition, Okadaya is giving Nakama Manga the opportunity to work on any miscellaneous oneshots that are under her rights as a doujinshinka. These oneshots will always be free scanlated works for her fans.

We hope you enjoy MoT again if you had already read it...but if you are new to the world of Hiro and Angie, perhaps we can get some more people looking forward to the English tanko that was promised almost 2 years ago by Aurora Publishing. LET'S GET IT GOING, GUYS!

*All proceeds will go directly to the mangaka as we have simply been happy to help her out in her independent endeavor and want her to keep providing us with awesome, hot men in a variety of compromising and intense situations. We are and will always be a not-for-profit group who will never accept donations or monies of any kind to introduce a mangaka's work to the yaoi community.*

*MoT is copyrighted material and should not be uploaded without the express permission of Tetuzoh Okadaya or Nakama Manga - please be aware that if it is found outside of Nakama affiliates - we will be requesting that you pull it immediately*

You can visit Okadaya's website here: http://okdy.sakura.ne.jp/ An English version will be available shortly.


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0 #1 2010-12-25 16:26
thank you so much for this Christmas release, thanks a lot for the wonderful work, have a merry Christmas
0 #2 2010-12-25 18:34
Is the digital English release of GGB also going to be released on January 4th?
0 #3 2010-12-25 18:37
It should be available a few weeks after as its in editing right now.


Quoting Gizmo:
Is the digital English release of GGB also going to be released on January 4th?
0 #4 2010-12-25 20:55
OKADAYA is the best! What a great sport!
0 #5 2010-12-26 05:08
I'm so excited and thrilled that you guys are being so considerate to Okadaya with her works. It's refreshing and awesome to see a group uphold such moral standards and to actually go through the effort to help her best interests as well. :)
0 #6 2010-12-26 05:25
This is awesome!
How many scanlation groups out there can say they are working directly with mangaka? I bow to you and Okadaya's working together! You guys are the pioneers and perhaps more will follow!
0 #7 2010-12-26 05:41
Wow, impressive! Congrats on your collaboration with Okadaya ~ it's great to see that not all mangaka thinks so badly of us scanlators and are even willing to work with you. Great job!!!
0 #8 2010-12-27 10:36
Thank you so much ! :happy:
0 #9 2010-12-28 21:24
Amazing efforts on your part for keeping up with this work and also networking with Okadaya so respectfully in order to feed us bara lovers. Thanks to Okadaya for allowing her works to be openly scanlated by you. I never would have been able to bask in her awesomeness otherwise! I love her genre and her art, MOT is a nice change of pace from the norm, and with hot manly mens (face hair yay... muscles yay)
0 #10 2010-12-30 21:15
Thank you! Awesome work guys. *3*